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poldy is a semantic network builder written in C and heavily inspired by the oscean flat-file wiki engine.


poldy only does one thing - build your website. When you run it, that is what it does. Any modifications to the default behavior must be made in the source code. To build the website run:

$ make site

Editing The Network

The website itself is generated from files in the database/ and inc/ directories. The main semantic graph is stored in database/lexicon.ndtl. This file is in the indental file format and contains all the major nodes in the semantic network and their interrelationships.

The log of updates to the website is stored in database/journal.tbtl. This file is in the tablatal format and contains a single line per update.

Finally, the HTML files in the inc/ directory are named after the slug of a lexicon term and are appended to the contents of the page generated for that term. These files provide a nice format for adding longer or more stylistically sophisticated entries to the semantic network.


To clone this monorepo using fossil run:

$ fossil clone https://mono.oh4.co mono.fossil


To build poldy run:

$ make


The proof is in the pudding with something like poldy. So run it, if it completes successfully, then browse the website and Atom XML and verify things look good.